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Susan Belsinger is an herbalist, specializing in culinary herbs. She teaches, lectures, and writes about gardening and cooking, and is a food writer, editor and photographer who has authored and edited over 25 books and hundreds of articles. Recently referred to as a “flavor artist”, Susan delights in kitchen alchemy—the blending of harmonious foods, herbs, and spices—to create real, delicious food, as well as libations, that nourish our bodies and spirits and titillate our senses.
She travels around the nation, as well as Canada and Europe, sharing her passion for herbs–teaching, giving herbal workshops and demos. Besides cultivating and cooking with them, she demonstrates using herbs in the home, for the bath, boudoir and spa, and aromatherapy.
Susan uses the green plants everyday in recipes for healthy meals and to create tinctures and oils to bitters, shrubs and fermentations. She has been blogging regularly for Taunton Press’ for the past four years. Her latest publication is The Chile Pepper Calendar 2016, which features Susan’s photos, text, recipes, and Capsicum, Herb of the Year 2016 ™.


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