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rose for 2012




Specifics: over 270 pages, perfect-bound color cover, 8-page color insert, more than 70 black and white photos and illustrations, edited by Susan Belsinger for the IHA; retail price $14.95.


The International Herb Association’s annual Herb of the Year™ publication has been released! The newest book features Roses and contains a plethora of information about this ancient, world-renowned and much beloved flower. Packed full of lore, history, botany and cultivation—from fragrance to flavor, there are favorites, fun facts, poetry, medicinal information and recipes for the kitchen, bath, boudoir and the apothecary!


Thanks to more than 25 contributors—members, as well as friends of IHA—this book contains over 30 articles, in addition to photographs and illustrations from a dozen artists. Rose, Herb of the Year 2012 was compiled and edited by Susan Belsinger for the International Herb Association.


Author and Publisher: $14.95.

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