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the creative herbal home




by susan belsinger & tina marie wilcox

216 pages with 40 black & white photographs The creative herbal home is a guide for both the beginner just introduced to herbs and to the more experienced home herbalist. It contains basic and detailed information about using common household ingredients combined with herbs & essential oils to make an array of herbal products for the home.

Herbal cohorts, Susan Belsinger and Tina Marie Wilcox have been working together for over ten years on projects and presentations, from gardening to teaching and writing from their respective homes. Susan lives in Maryland, and Tina Marie in Arkansas. With infectious enthusiasm, both women love sharing their knowledge of herbs, plants and gardening with like-minded people. They passionately agree that herbs are a way of life.

Inside the creative herbal home you will find:

  • herbs
  • body care
  • plant chemicals herbal kits
  • essential oils
  • tinctures
  • infusions & decoctions
  • ingredients
  • household preparations
  • definition of terms
  • gardening comforts
  • sources

living with herbs series is published by herbspirit

 the creative herbal home

the creative herbal home

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to order copies of the creative herbal home: single retail copies are $17.95 each plus $4 shipping and handling wholesale orders 6 books minimum; for more information contact: susan belsinger at or tina marie wilcox at 870-447-2248

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