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the perfect bite


I will get the best deal for sales through the balboa website. They have a choice of free shipping through the usps (though it is not insured). If you order from me, I will be happy to sign the book (please specify to whom), however i have to charge $5.99 for handling and shipping via USPS media mail. This book is a whopper weighing in at 2.5 pounds! I will have books for sale at upcoming events and will be delighted to sign them.



What is the perfect bite? When I cook or eat, I look for a balance of flavor in a dish, or in a combination of foods. It might combine all of the aspects together—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and sometimes pungent or aromatic. “The perfect bite” is how I describe profound flavor—a balance of tastes on the palate—many of these are traditional dishes or family comfort foods. These might include herbs or spices, which add flavor. I am passionate about this approach to cooking and eating. I grow many of my own vegetables, herbs and greens, buy locally, eat seasonally and organically—this is the way that I like to eat.

Anyone who likes to eat good food will appreciate this book. These are basic foods that feature flavor at its best. The stories surrounding them create a kind of comfort food/flavortherapy story. “Flavortherapy” is a term I coined to describe how each recipe satisfies me in a different way; some make me feel happy, while others stimulate me, or make me want to take a nap. Just as aroma works in aromatherapy, flavor works in flavortherapy. There are specific foods that we desire because they make us good. Each individual can use flavortherapy to make their own perfect bites.

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